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I strongly believe a Colonic Irrigation treatment should only be performed by a qualified medical professional with the appropriate medical qualifications and extensive experience. They should also have extensive knowledge of the anatomy of physiology of the digestive system and infection control. To my advantage I hold various Human Health Bachelors degrees gained through the University of New England and 20 years practical experience in my Colonic/Naturopath clinic. 

A healthy colon is essential to a healthy body. The colon can be classed as the sewrage system of the body. By neglect and abuse, it will distribute poisons of decay, fermentation and putrification into the blood effecting every other part of the body.


* Feeling weak, tired and listless

* Bad breath

* Bloating, heartburn and gas

* Skin conditions

* Joints feeling stiff and painful

* Lack of enthusiasm and mood swings

* Constant headaches

As a practicing Naturopath for the past 15 years, it has become clear from consulting thousands of patients that poor bowel management is at the root of most peoples health problems.


* Alleviates constipation

* Reduces flatulence and bloating

* Corrects irritable bowel syndrome

* Boosts the immune system

* Correction of Skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema

* Boosts flagging energy levels

* Correction of dysbiosis (yeast/candidia infections)

* The ultimate detoxification

I use the Toxygen model BSC-W which is a state of the art colonic irrigation machine. It will cleanse the whole colon using filtered water and without the use of drugs or chemicals.

The machine is a closed system which affords a comfortable procedure whilst maintaining the dignity of the patient.

There is no open evacuation meaning no offensive odors.

It is therapist assisted for effortless comfort and most importantly, safety.

The machine only uses one use/fully desposible tubing and speculums (so no need for sterilization) and is self cleansing for the absolute highest hygene standards.

The machine is the most highly certified throughout the world having recognition with the Food and Drug administration in the USA, the European Union and Canada Health. 

This colonic irrigation machine is the most widely certifed and safest throughout the world

The treatment procedure is very safe and comfortable. Before the treatment, a short Naturopathic consultation ( around 10 minutes) and iridology diagnosis will be conducted to gauge any health issues which can be discussed throughout the colonic session.

This treatment is performed in my Blackheath Clinic at 104 Wentworth Street, Blackheath.

The cost of the treatment is $120.00 and takes around 1 hour. 

There is no eftpos facilities available in the clinic due to being in a internet blackspot, there is an ATM around 50 meters from the clinic


Is it safe to have a colonic

Yes, the colonic irrigation machine I use here in the clinic is the only machine registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration as a medical devise. It has may in-built safety features such as an auto-cleanse so there is no chance of cross contamination. There is also three filters so the water is pure, a temperature gauge and pressure gauge form part of the machine so there is n chance of damaging the colon in any way. I also have twenty plus years experience as a colon therapist. There is no chance of bowel perforation as the water entering the body is done under very low pressure and is monitored by pressure measuring gauges. There has never been any recorded adverse side effects using the toxygen since its inception.

Is it painful

No it is not painful. Most clients do not even feel the process. As there is a pressure gauge on the machine, water pressure is kept to a minimum for comfort and safety.

Can I work directly after a colonic

Yes, lots of clients come in their lunch break and return to work. It is also safe to drive without the fear of needed to go to the toilet suddenly.

Does the colonic affect to friendly bacteria balance

No. The bacteria found in the colon is adhered to its lining. The water pressure used throughout the colonic is not enough to dislodge the friendly bacteria. The microbiome of the digestive system is a complex balance of good and not so good strains of bacteria. Colonics will not effect the numbers and strains of bacteria. If you present with a health condition relating to your microbiome I am fully qualified and experienced to consult on this issue as part of the colonic consultation.

Does the colonic affect electrolyte balance

No, electrolytes are absorbed through the walls of the small intestine, not the colon so there will be no impairment to electrolyte balance. Because of the low pressure water entering and exiting the colon there is minimal water absorption through the walls of the colon if any.

How many colonics will I need

Colonic irrigation is a learned thing. If it is your first time, 2 colonics may be needed within 2 weeks to gain the best benefits out of the therapy. Most people have a colonic every three months to maintain a healthy and proper functioning colon.

For more chronic health disorders, three colonic over a 6 week period may be required

Is there anything I need to do to get ready for a colonic

Yes, congratulate yourself for making the right step towards better health. We cannot have a healthy body without clean blood, and we cannot have clean blood unless we have a clean colon.

I prefer you not to prepare in any way so I can give you an accurate assessment of your current health status.

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