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Are Multi-vitamins beneficial or of no use?

After 16 years of personal studies and research the answer is yes they are of benefit.  

Below is a summary of the most important research based facts why multi's are important to take on a daily basis.

1.  To stimulate immune responses to microbial attach, adequate vitamin D is required

2.  Multi's with B,C,E and selenium slowed the progression of the HIV virus by half in the 1st 2 years (probably due to the combination of the multi and selenium)

3. Up to 25% of Aussie's may develop some types of cancer. multi's may reduce the risk of developing cancer by around 10%.

4.  Women with invasive breast cancer who took a multi were 30% less likely to die from their cancer.

5.  Multi's were used in a very large study of current and former smokers, 43% had a reduction in gene suppression/damage  in their airways.  Gene suppression is associated with the development of cancer.

Alzheimers accounts for around 50% of all senile dementia.  It is a deterioration of brain function and wasting.  The deterioration is associated with the presence of tangles of fibers and plaques within the brain nerve cells.  Multi's have been found to enhance immediate free recall memory.

6.  Study's have found multi's can improve mood and mental performance, reduce stress, fatigue and mental tiredness.

7.  Study's found that women who reported not taking a daily prenatel multi immediately before and during the 1st month of pregnancy were nearly twice as likely to have a child with Autism.

8. The most common cause of blindness in Australia is macular degeneration (12,000 cases each year).  Using a multi can reduce the incidence of the disease by up to 25% and its progression by 19%.

9.  Multi's can reduce the risk of cataracts by 9-15%.

10.  Multi's can reduce the risk of heart attacks by 44%

The last word, multi's may reduce the incidence of many diseases and adverse health conditions, but may not be a cure.

After researching Mulivitamin supplements over many many years, the best combination I have found is a product called Multigenics, a product produced by a company called Metagenics.

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