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Step One "Self-Responsibility"

1. Do whatever it takes to live your dreams.  Accept no excuses from yourself or others
2.  If you want your life to change, change your thinking and actions toward what you want.  Think something and do something that you haven't thought or done before, and you'll get something you never got before
3.  Watch for signs of the strength, courage, wisdom and inner beauty you already possess.  Recognise your exellent qualities
4.  Watch for the fears of failure and rejection.  They indicate when you're near your hearts desire.  They are signs that an oppertunity to grow is near
5.  Be the hero in your own life.  Let go of the perception that life is a struggle and you'll start achieving more.  Let go of the excess baggage you may have been carrying around
6.  Write  list of excuses you have used in the past.  Vow to never use them again, then throw the list away
7.  Write a list of the decisions you will soon be making that will impact your life and the llives of people around  you.  This heightens your awareness of excuses you may have used to either avoid facing decisions or to avoid taking responsibility for the results
8.  Recognise you may have outgrown some honest reasons for not doing something.  If you use them now they're just excuses.  When an old reality turns into a permanent excuse, trouble sets in.  Whenever you find yourself looking for an excuse, change your thinking.
9.  Greate your life based on your own expectations and not those of others.  Own your life by having the courage to accept yourself and what you want to do.  This may take risking a relationship, but you're likely to generate more respect from others
10.  Let go of people you may be using as protection from the fear of rejection; stop hiding behind them.  You and they will then expeience a freedom to love each other beyond anything you have ever known
11.  Accept full responsibility for your actions and it's likely you'll find your heart will be lighter.  Decide not to blame anyone for your actions, and you'll feel stronger, less alone and less afraid of the consequences
Our 6 day health retreat program here in the Blue Mountains is all about the detoxification and regeneration of your mind body and spirit.
Focusing on the mindfullness rejeneration, every day in the health retreat,  we will do lots of fun, exciting exercises and lectures to really get to know who you really are.  The health retreat always offers a safe and suopportive place to learn to love ourselves unconditiohally and understand how to get from where you are to where you really want to be in your life.
We'll get to
- understand you limiting belief patterns
- understand thoughts, feeling and emotions to create the life you truly want
- connect with your life purpose
- understand the working of your subconscious mind
- learn how to properly use affirmations and visualization techniques to really get what you want out of life
- gain a genuine understanding of the law of attraction and the use of postitive thinking
As part of the health retreat program, a full 1 1/2 hour Naturopathic consultation is conducted including an Iridology diagnosis
As part of the health retreat program, a full Naturopathic Consultation is conducted including a full Iridology diagnosis.

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australianwritings essay writing on Tuesday, 22 May 2018 10:22 PM
A good blog which delivers the best message about the self-responsibility. Thank you for sharing this motivational post with us. Keep it up and keep sharing!
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